Todd Howard Explains Bethesda’s “Three Long-Term Projects”

At the 2016 DICE Summit, Todd Howard teased three longer-term projects that were different from anything Bethesda had done before. This left a lot of people wondering what on Earth these projects could be. Are Bethesda Game Studios moving away from their popular RPG model? How long-term are we talking?

Well Howard spoke to to hopefully clear up a few things but unfortunately he hasn’t really helped.

He admitted his mistake at putting a number on the amount of projects they’re working on, but didn’t let out any information on what these games consist of. Here’s the statement in full:

“I should have never said a number because we have so many things. You could add it up in different ways. You could say it’s bigger or smaller. They’re a long way off. I think the larger point was, no one should expect to hear about those [games] anytime soon. We always overlap projects. We just have more going on now than we had before. Part of that’s the growth of the studio. We have the Montreal studio now and we’re going to be doing different things. We feel we have a pretty good footing and we’re in a particular place and time where we can try some new things and be confident that they’ll find some success.”

Bethesda Game Studios are still hard at work on Fallout 4, with the first of the scheduled DLC packages releasing this month. The first three add-ons will release monthly while we are yet to hear any details about the following packages. Bethesda are clearly intent on creating more content than originally intended as the season pass has now been increased to $49.99, a $20 increase from its original price.

What direction do you think Todd Howard and Bethesda Game Studios should go with these new projects? Let us know in the comments below.