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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst MAG Rope, The Primary Travel Tool, Detailed by DICE

The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst MAG Rope is one of the primary things in the game that make the world of Faith enjoyable and adventurous. It is her key traversal item and she carries it with her on her forearm all the time.

DICE has explained exactly how the thing works alongside upgrades and more. While in the beginning, you just get to use the MAG Rope to swing across places, there are other features that you can unlock later down the line.

The developers have dedicated a lengthy FAQ section on their website to it.

The MAG Rope is a device worn on Faith’s forearm that can latch on to specific points in the world, allowing for unique traversal and interaction opportunities. When Faith first gets hold off the MAG Rope early in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, she uses it to swing over gaps that are too long to jump across.

Those of you who are proper fans of Faith would want to know how one of her essentials works, well, there is a carbon fiber line involved alongside the force produced by Faith’s own running. Combine the two and you get a swing where you control which way to go and at what speed. You can let go off the MAG Rope whenever you want.

Moving on to the upgrades that the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst MAG Rope can get. The first one is going to be VD Torsional Motor which allows it too be used more like an automated grappling hook. You will be able to climb up the rope to the point where it is attached to a surface hence allowing vertical movement.

There also is Grappling Tip that lets you grab and pull certain items – we have seen that oh so many times in the movies, but mostly with sci-fi elements or magic.

Among the tons of special traversal abilities that the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst MAG Rope has, it will allow you to “wall run, do a quick turn, leap out across a massive urban chasm, and just catch the edge of the activation area to swing across and cut huge distances off of a route,” among a number of other things.BX1c5wprGh.99