Dark Souls 3 PC Will run at Solid 60 FPS, No Worries

Players of From Software’s Dark Souls series that have made themselves career PC players can praise the sun all they like when the game releases, as the Dark Souls 3 PC version will be able to run at 60 frames per second. This dispels circulating rumors that the PC port would be limited to 30 frames per second.

This news came today via the official Dark Souls Twitter page (helpfully accompanied by a beautifully smooth gif of a character doing the “praise the sun” emote as the camera spun around and around.

Dark Souls has had a rather spotty history with its PC ports; the first, the original Dark Souls’s “Prepare to Die Edition” gathering criticism for just being what seemed like a half-assed port of the game to PC, with no allowances for keyboard and mouse controls until a later patch put them in. It was also unfortunately tied to Games for Windows Live, as many games were back then.

Dark Souls 2’s PC version was more professional, now that the studio knew that their game would have an excellent PC following. While Games For Windows Live was no longer a thing due to Microsoft discontinuing the service, the game had no Cloud saves, and it’s still recommended that you play with a controller, rather than a keyboard and mouse.

The game also experienced a large number of bugs, including the infamous “durability bug” where weapons would lose durability not only on hits against live enemies, but also against hits with corpses, which would ware down the difficulty much faster. What made it even worse was that this bug only happened when playing at 60 FPS. Its re-release for current-gen consoles still had this bug, though it was fixed in a later patch.

Dark Souls 3 PC has already had questions being asked about it, however; if you’re one of those kinds of people who are discontent with the bounty of 60 FPS that From Software offers, you may be on the side of those kinds of people that prefer for their games to run even higher than 60 FPS. So far, From Software has not said if Dark Souls 3 PC will allow such a thing.