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You Can Now Pre-load Hitman in Time for Release on PS4

The release of the new Hitman begins on March 11, with Agent 47 now coming to us in an episodic format. If you have pre-ordered the game either in its entirety or just the first episode then you can now pre-load Hitman now from the Playstation Store.

The new Hitman will feature much more open-ended gameplay compared to the last entry in the series, Hitman: Absolution, making it much more akin to the likes of Hitman: Blood Money.

Agent 47’s popular ability to fulfil his assassinations in a multitude of ways remain however, with a variety of options on offer to take out unsuspecting targets.

For more information on level design and the improvements made to this latest adventure, check out this video from Square Enix themselves.

A beta version of the game is currently available for those that have pre-ordered Hitman and portrays the prologue to the game. The first episode will also include this prologue as well as the first story missions which are set in the French capital of Paris.

Later episodes will take Agent 47 to various locations all over the World such as Japan, USA and Thailand. This image from Reddit shows the game pre-loading on to the PS4 with the title Hitman Paris Add-on:

hitman pre-load

Underneath we can see the base Hitman game has a 7GB download with each episode acting as an add-on, where the first one in Paris carries a 2.75GB download.

There are no specific dates for the release of each episode, but we do know they will arrive on a monthly basis with a disc version of the full game to release in late 2016.

If you are yet to be convinced about buying Hitman, check out the Season Premiere trailer.

If you have already purchased the game then you’ve got a couple of days from now to download it in time for March 11. The game will also be available on Xbox One and PC.