This Nintendo 3DS Emulator, Called 3DNes, Turns Your 2D Games to Proper 3D!

Remember how back in the good old days SEGA picked up their classic 2D titles and turned them all into well crafted 3D games? Well, it looks like this new emulator, called 3DNes Emulator, is going to let you do the same to NES( Nintendo Entertainment System) games.

The guys working on this have shared a video that shows off how far they have come, and although we can see there is a great room for improvement in there, there is no doubt that this is good work.

We have added a video above showing off the NES emulator in the works. The developers have used a number of Nintendo games in the test pool including DrMario, Legend of Ninja, Mega Man, Super Mario Brothers 3, Zelda Link, Contra and Castlevania.

Before you watch the video above, remember that this is just the beta release of the software and it is clearly buggy and inconsistent in a number of factors. However, we are confident that all these things are nothing that a good polish cannot fix.

Also, currently the emulation looks to work much better with simpler graphics as compared to other complex ones, but that also is something that can be improved with time.

By the time 3DNES gets a full release it will surely be an emulator that you would want for your handheld.