The Division Level Cap is Only 15 Hours Away

The Division is out now and players are gunning for the highest level as we speak. The Division level cap is set at 3 by Ubisoft and before the release of the game many thought it wouldn’t take long to reach it, and they were absolutely right.

The Division players can reach level 30 in around 15-hours. Once you reach level 30, you can go do Dark Zone, challenge mode or missions as part of the end-game content. However, even with the highest level the Dark Zone will present a challenge.

Ubisoft will keep adding more things to do in The Division with post-release updates.

So far The Division reactions have been positive but since Ubisoft had an embargo in place, there are no reviews out yet. It is understandable as the game’s servers need to be up and running before reviewers should start testing waters. Any review would be incomplete without The Division’s servers online.

Speaking of servers, there were plenty of issues reported after the release of the game yesterday. It is common for big releases to have such issues on launch day, as plethora of players try to log-in at the same time. Servers just weren’t able to accommodate all.

However, the problem was dealt with in a flash by Ubisoft. What’s strange is that The Division release not only affected its own servers but at the same time Rainbow Six Siege started having issues as well.

Ubisoft fixed its services soon after.

The Division is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Your copies should be in the mail box by now if you ordered it from online retailers. Check out the game yourself and share your impressions in the comments below.

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