No Man’s Sky Did Not Impress Microsoft’s Ex-Community Manager

A couple of days ago the release date and surprising price tag of $60 for No Man’s Sky was revealed, just like we told you so many months ago. However, it looks like the insanely huge scale of the game has not impressed everyone.

For instance, there is Raj Patel, the former community manager for Microsoft who says that he is yet to see the fun in the game. Procedurally generated worlds appear so dull to him.

He was commenting on the PS4 and PC title through his Twitter.

Every image I’ve seen gameplay of No Man’s Sky looks like it could take place on the same planet. ‘Infinite Universe’ eh? I do not see it.

Agreeing that procedurally generated games do not interest him so much, he added that “it has potential and COULD be great but from what I’ve SEEN so far, it already seems stale. I have not seen the fun.”

Just to clarify things, it doesn’t mean that the guy has seen all that the game has to offer – how could he since there are quintillions of planets in the game. However, Patel is basing his opinion on everything that the game’s developers have shared with the public so far.

That being said, we think there still is some hope for those of us who think that way about the game because maybe there is more to it that we will get to see and experience when No Man’s Sky finally releases.

Talking of, Hello Games has scheduled the release on PC and PS4 on June 21, 2016.