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Is PlayStation Store Down on PS4 or Getting a Design Overhaul?

Alright so folks it looks like Sony is either hitting one more of their server issues or (for a change) they are updating the design of PlayStation Store. Is PlayStation Store down or not is yet to be seen, but people are reporting that they have had a number of issues while trying to access it.

First off, fans started complaining over NeoGAF and Twitter that they were getting different error codes, the most notable being Error CE-38706-4. But then it was revealed that apparently, the web store is working perfectly fine and it is just the PS4 access to it that was having problems.

A number of people, from Japan, US and UK have tried opening it on the console to make a purchase but got nothing, although there are many others who have not had any sort of problem whether it is the console or the PC they are trying to access the store from.

So is the PlayStation Store down on the PS4 or is it something else? We looked into the matter and were tipped of a number of screenshots that show a different design of the PS4 store itself.

None of this has been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment itself, but if you check out the images below it leaves almost no doubt that we are looking at a design overhaul on the console variant of the store.

We are still trying to get more reports from our readers to figure out whether this is just the design overhaul or if there also is an issue with the service, so tell us is your PlayStation Store down on the PS4?