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Free Battlefront DLC Offers New Map, Hutt Contracts and More

EA DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront has already gotten criticism since launch for its lack of much content; four planets with a few maps on each apparently very quickly got monotonous for many gamers, though many still play in the game.

Battlefront has, however, gotten into the news a number of times recently. Most notably John Boyega, who plays Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, recently tweeted his love for Battlefront, but also expressed his disappointment at the lack of any real single-player content. EA’s response of “We’ll think of something,” however, has given people hope that story DLC may finally be in the works.

While no “story” content has come out, free Battlefront DLC will be arriving soon, carrying with it one new map on Endor, and one new co-op mission on Tatooine. The map will be “Survivors of Endor,” an Endor map taking place in a devastated stretch of the forest moon’s woods. This map will be playable on Walker Assault, Supremacy, and Turning Point.

The new co-op mission is another Survival map, and will take place in the existing map Tatooine Depot, a rocky environment around a collection of Tatooine buildings and hangars.

This new Battlefront DLC has come hot on the heels of the game’s February update, which added Twilight on Hoth, a nighttime Hoth map for Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron, along with another Survival map that takes place in Hoth’s ice caves.

The third upcoming component to this new Battlefront DLC will be the addition of Hutt Contracts. With this mechanic, Battlefront players will be performing apparent “bounties” to gain new equipment by complete tasks for galactic crime lord Jabba the Hutt (I guess Hutts can survive being strangled…and blown up).

Battlefront’s first paid DLC pack, “Outer Rim,” will continue to add DLC when it comes out later this spring.

It will add two new maps on Tatooine and Sullust: one in the form of Jabba’s Palace and one in the factories of Sullust, along with two new heroes: Nien Nunb the Sullustan pilot, and Greedo, who’s looking remarkably healthy and un-shot since Episode IV.