DOOM Multiplayer Trailer is Everything You’d Expect, Exhilarating Action

DOOM is back this Summer and if you were afraid that it had lost all its famous rapid action and bloody deaths then you will be very pleasantly surprised if this fresh DOOM multiplayer trailer is anything to go by.

The first-person shooter from id Software that’s published by Bethesda Softworks will arrive on May 13th of this year, 23 years after the original DOOM made its very influential and extremely chaotic entrance on PC. Originally designed as DOOM 4, the latest iteration dropped the number early in development in order to re-invent the series for the current generation.

Take a look at the hectic multiplayer trailer here:

The multiplayer section of DOOM is looking to bring back the classic deathmatches of the early 90’s, meaning that there will be no cover-based gameplay or health regeneration. The idea is for players to constantly be on the move, picking up health and armor upgrades on the way and seamlessly switching between weapons, shooting enemies and performing new melee executions.

A hefty bunch of information was recently leaked which includes modes and missions as well as some concept art.

The single player campaign is set to last around 13 hours depending on difficulty, with many players looking to learn the ropes and experience the story before heading into the competitive world of the online shooter.

As you would hope the game will run at 1080p/60 fps on consoles as well as on PC, with the fluid camera work necessary in such a frantic environment. The game is looking beautiful from that multiplayer trailer as it is, so with only two months until release fans both old and new are excited about re-entering the DOOM arena.

Has this trailer peaked your interest in DOOM, and will you be picking the game up when it releases on May 13 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC?