The Division Griefers Are Not Letting Players Progress by Blocking Entry into Important Locations

It has not even been a day since the game’s release and we have already reported on the servers being down, but it doesn’t end there, apparently there are tons of The Division griefers who have decided to ruin the fun for everyone else too!

Those of you who have played the game would know that you cannot pass through another player if he or she is standing in your path unlike some other games. This means that if you are in a narrow place like a corridor, and there are people standing in front of you, you will not be able to get through.

For some odd reason, a large number of The Division griefers decided to use this to not only disturb everyone else, but also halt player progression on a number of occasions.

What these guys are doing is that they stand in front of important locations like the entry point to the place that has the first laptop in the game or one of the first Dark Zone safe houses, effectively blocking the path for everyone.

Some of them even started demanding the players to recite some password if they wanted to enter.

This is really hurting the progress and crowding things up; people had to make queues in order to let everyone interact with the given in-game location or object. See the image above where the characters are forming a line in order to use the laptop.

So far, the only solution to The Division griefers situation is that you barge in on them and keep pushing them until you have moved them out of the way. It takes time, but usually it works. Ubisoft is yet to tell us what on earth they want to do with these guys.