Dark Souls III Gameplay Footage Looks Incredible

There’s only around a month to go until we all start dying over and over again, and we’ve been treated to plenty of new Dark Souls III gameplay footage before the title releases on April 12 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC (or March 24 on console if you happen to live in Japan).

Each video features a different class and the brutal action-RPG is looking better than ever. The videos are taken from a livestream hosted by From Software, therefore all the text and commentary is in Japanese.

However, the menus and the action will all look very familiar to veteran players and offers a huge insight into what we can expect come mid-April.

Thanks to Dualshockers for putting these videos together.

First up is the Deprived – considered the hardest of all classes due to its basic skillset. The advantage of using the Deprived is that you have a clean slate in which to work with so seasoned Dark Souls enthusiasts can maximise its efficiency:

Next we have the Pyromancer class which debuts in Dark Souls III. Pyromancy has been prevalent in previous games but not with a specific class dedicated around the use of fire magic alone:

The Assassin is next, who obviously prefers to stick to the shadows. They prefer the use of sorcery as well as thrusting swords, and this will also be their first entry as a starting class in a Souls game:

Lastly we have the Sorcerer who returns from Dark Souls II. Using high intelligence to command soul sorceries as you would expect:

If this isn’t enough Dark Souls III for you then have a look at the opening cinematic for the game, and thanks to the official soundtrack 15 bosses have been revealed already.

There isn’t long to go now before we get our hands on From Software’s latest epic adventure. Which class will you be using in your first playthrough? Let us know in the comments below!