The Division Skills, Talents, and Perks Guide – Medical, Security, Tech

Tom Clancy’s The Division is intense and tactical-heavy, but it doesn’t just put you in control of random character to shoot around stuff. Instead, it’s up to you to develop your character and choose from a wide variety of Skills, Talents, and Perks for the ideal role in your team.

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The Division Skills

Skills are gained in The Division as you level up, making you more powerful and able to take on tougher challenges as you acquire experience. Which skills you decide to go with on the other hand is entirely up to you.

It’s best to pick skills that would complement your squad’s strengths and eliminate its weaknesses. For this reason, it’s best to choose a set of skills that your other squad members do not have.

There are three different skill trees in The Division: Medical, Tech, and Security.

Medical gives you skills that would make you an excellent support medic; the Tech tree increases pure damage output of you and your team, while the Security tree offers protection and makes you a robust tank.

Each of these trees have four different skills. Skills are different from Talents and Perks because they are active abilities that greatly improve your combat in a tangible, direct manner.

You don’t have to stick to one tree once you put points into it, so try to diversify your character’s traits as much as possible. New skills are made available by upgrading wings in your command base, so if you unlock a new unit in the medical wing, you’ll gain a point in the Medical tree.

Every skill, save for the last in a tree, has modifications that will amplify the effect of the skill. Unlike the skills themselves, modifications can be swapped on the fly. This gives you tactical versatility and ability to adjust to current situation. You can only have one modification active (except Master Modifications) at one time.

Medical Skills

  • Pulse – Send out a pulse that detects and marks all enemy units in medium range.
    Modifications: Increased range, jam other pulses, increase damage on detected (from pulse) enemies, indication if you are pulsed by an enemy (master mod).
  • First Aid – Heal your squad within a small area of effect. It can be launched to a remote location or placed at the user.
    Modifications: Revive downed teammates, increase healing speed, increase damage output of allies within heal AoE, longer duration for first aid (master mod).
  • Support Station – Deployable pack that heals and revives any allies within its area of effect.
    Modifications: Revives fallen teammates, remove de-buffs, replenish ammo and Skill bar, heal all teammates when destroyed (master mod).
  • Recovery Link – Heals all of your squad mates in the immediate vicinity and revive any downed ones. Can also give you temporary bonus health through over-healing.


Tech Skills

  • Sticky Bomb – Launch a sticky bomb that can then be detonated remotely.
    Modifications: Increase blast radius, proximity detonation, flashbang, increase bomb stealth (master mod).
  • Turret – Deploy a turret that will fire at enemies that come within its proximity.
    Modifications: Proximity sensor, flamethrower turret, taser turret, self-destruct when destroyed (master mod).
  • Seeker Mine – Deploy a mine will chase nearby targets before exploding.
    Modifications: Cluster bomb, gas grenade, airburst, ability to travel over cover (master mod).
  • Tactical Link – Increase damage output and critical hit chance for the entire team.

Security Skills

  • Ballistic Shield – Equip a hand-held ballistic shield that will stop enemy bullets. Restricts user to side-arm only.
    Modifications: Increased shield armor and also pulses any enemies who shoot it, increased sidearm damage, damage absorbed by shield heals wielder, shield regains durability when not taking hit (master mod).
  • Smart Cover – Increases the strength and durability of the cover you’re hiding behind.
    Modifications: Enemies using smart cover inflict loess damage and take more, recover health while under smart cover, immune to enemy pulses and cause enemies to be pulsed when shot, increases the smart cover’s duration (master mod).
  • Mobile Cover – Drop a temporary wall that provides cover for one person.
    Modifications: Cover will now protect two players, explosives on the front that can be remotely detonated, increased damage while in cover, temporarily increased resistance to players when cover is destroyed (master mod).
  • Survivor Link – Increase speed and the resistances of the entire team for a limited time.

The Division Talents

Talents are different from skills because they don’t have to be activated. Basically, they provide pass bonuses that are triggered by performance certain tasks. As with skills, the Talents are distributed among the three skill trees: Medical, Tech, and Security.

You can have four different talents activate at one time. You gain talent points as you level up, and also get access to new talents as you expand associated wings in your base.

Medical Talents
Adrenalin – Over-heal yourself for extra health whenever you use a med kit while not at full health.

Shock and Awe – Suppressing an enemy gives you a 25% boost to movement speed for limited duration.

Combat Medic – Heal nearby allies for a small amount whenever you use a med kit on yourself.

Critical Save – Increase damage by 40% after using a med kit at low health.

Strike Back – Reduce skill cooldown rate while at low health.

Battle Buddy – Reviving a fallen squad member will grant both of you 50% reduction to all damage for ten seconds.

Shrapnel – Inflicting bleed on an enemy now has a chance to spread to nearby enemies.

Triage – Using one of your skill-based heals on an ally reduces the cooldown of your other skills.

Steady Hands – Entering cover reduces recoil for a short time.

Desperate Times – Increased blind accuracy at low health.

Precision – Headshots will pulse enemies.

Repo Reaper – Gain one clip of primary weapon ammo for every side-arm kill.

Stopping Power – Successfully suppressing an enemy increases headshot damage.

One is None – 50% chance of bullet refund after a successful headshot.

On the Move – Killing enemy while moving reduces incoming damage for short duration.

Chain Reaction – Deal 40% additional damage to enemies from explosives, provided there is more than one enemy in the blast radius.

Tech Talents
Police Up – Killing an enemy using one of your skills has a 25% chance of refilling all your ammo.

Tactical Advance – Increased damage done by 2% per meter when rolling from cover to cover (limited duration).

Wildfire – Enemy burned has chance to spread burn damage to nearby enemies.

Evasive Action – Take less damage when rolling from cover to cover.

Tech Support – Extend duration of any activated skill by killing an enemy.

Death by Proxy – Increase the abilities of your skill whenever you destroy an enemy item (turrets)

Demolition Expert – Killing an enemy with an explosion increase the damage of following explosives for 15 seconds.

Fear Tactics – Shock abilities have a chance to spread to nearby enemies.

The Division Perks

Perks are more similar to Talents than they are to skills, since they are passive. Even then, they are greatly different from both as they tend to provide players with utility-based passives instead of offense or defense.

This makes Perks slightly less interesting compared to Skills and Talents, but their impact is huge.

Medical Perks
Medkits – Increases the maximum med kits you can carry by 1 (can be applied 3 times).

Protective Measures – Increases virus protection by 1 (can be applied 3 times).

Canned Food – Increases canned food duration.

Supplier – Supplies can be collected from The Supplier once an hour.

Contamination Intel – Reveals all contaminated areas.

Hazardous Materials – Increase Dark Zone inventory.

Rigger – Fabrics can be collected from the medical wing once an hour.

Credit – Increase the amount of credits gained overall by 10%/

Talents – Adds an extra talent slot.

Security Perks
Experienced Agent – Increase experience gained by 10%.

Grenades – Equip an additional grenade.

Advanced Weaponry – Adds an advanced weapons vendor in the security wing.

Combat Veteran – All experience from accolades is increased by 25%.

Hazardous Materials – Increases Dark Zone inventory.

Black Market Vendor – Dark Zone vendor now available in the security wing.

Clothes Vendor – Adds a clothes vendor to the security wing.

Explosive Bullets – Explosive bullet effect now lasts 10 seconds longer.

Gunsmith – Weapon parts can be collected from the security wing once every hour.

Scavenger – Items can be collected from the scavenger box in the security wing once every hour.

Incendiary Bullets – Incendiary bullets effect now lasts 10 seconds longer.

Special Ammo – Incendiary and explosive bullets from the supply line can be collected once every hour.

Shooting Range – Train your marksmanship at the shooting range.

Intel Discovery – Intel will be uncovered on your map after completing the side missions in that area.

Collector – Your scavenging is increased by 15%.

Tech Perks
Inventory – Provides 10 additional inventory slots.

Hazardous Materials – Increases dark zone inventory.

Division Tech Materials – Convert tech crafting materials into other crafting materials at your base.

Engineer – Provides electronics in the tech wing every hour.

Soda – Sodas now last 10% longer.

Water – Water consumable effect lasts 10% longer.

Craftsman – Collect tools from the tech wing every hour.

Energy Bar – Energy bar consumable last longer.

Resource Assessment – Reveals all tech crafting nodes on your dark zone map.

Stat Switch – You can now swap stats on items at the recalibration station.

Dark Zone Funds – Dark Zone loot gains increased by 10%.

Stash – Provides 10 additional slots in your stash.