Rock Band 4 Has a New Peripheral Publisher, More Plastic Products Coming

Rock Band 4 developer and publisher Harmonix has revealed a new partnership with PDP (Performance Digital Products). The company will be replacing Mad Catz as the co-publisher of Rock Band 4.

This means that Mad Catz is no longer affiliated with Rock Band 4 nor it will release new plastic instruments for the game. However, the good news is that Mad Catz will keep selling previously released products.

Mad Catz will continue to sell the current products, and we’ll continue to keep all future versions of Rock Band 4 compatible with the current Mad Catz controllers.

Also, if you have any issues with Mad Catz products and are looking for support, you can contact them here.  If you have recently purchased a Mad Catz product for Rock Band 4, you will still enjoy full warranty.

Mad Catz will keep selling controllers. Meanwhile, PDP products will start shipping by Fall 2016. Details of its products will be shared at PAX East later this year.

Harmonix and Mad Catz are continuing to work together. Mad Catz has been an important partner, and they continue to sell and support controllers for Rock Band 4.

Also, your PS4 instruments will work with the PC version of the game. However, Xbox One instruments need some support from Microsoft.

PS4 instruments will work as long as your PC has Bluetooth! Xbox One instruments will likely work as well, but we need to work with Microsoft to ensure they function correctly.

PDP will also be present at E3 so expect more details on instruments, PC version, DLC plans, and much more. Speaking of DLC, what we know for sure is that DLC plans aren’t changed due to PDP joining Harmonix. Price of the base game will remain the same as well.

Source: Harmonix