Quantum Break Story at a Skeleton Level is Just One Story, Choices Only Affect the Setups

Well, true freedom of choice is yet to become a norm inside video games because even today, direct gameplay of titles like Uncharted 4 are one of the most anticipated games. When it comes to the Quantum Break story, the level of choice you get is also, honestly, limited.

We already know that despite the twists and turns in the way, Quantum Break does not have multiple endings, and this was reiterated by Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake in an interview with a magazine saying “Jack’s hero journey, it has a set beginning and a set ending – we don’t have multiple endings.”

But even more than that, the Quantum Break story itself appears to be just one story at its core, despite the lure of choices that players will get. The game’s director and screenwriter says that the choices you make only affect the setup along the way.

You’re affecting the set-up and situations of certain scenes, you’re part of an ensemble tV series cast deciding the fate of multiple characters along the way. but from the perspective of playing Jack’s choice, it’s still, on a skeleton level, one story. Based on your choices it’s told many ways and with many outcomes, but it’s still one story.

We know that the Quantum Break story is woven into the 20 minute live action episodes called Junctions, but there is at least one part that will go ahead of that. The last episode i.e. Junction, ends before the game’s end which leaves kind of multiple choices for the fate of different characters.

From the perspective of the show, there kind of are multiple endings, there are certain point-of-view characters featured in the show and you get to decide their fates very conclusively through your choices. Depending on how that goes, that flows into the final act of the game, while Jack’s journey very much has a set conclusion.

So you have choices for certain secondary issues, but the core Quantum Break story, the one about our protagonist Jake, is directed by Remedy Entertainment all along.