Phil Spencer on Lionhead Closure, Focus is On Launches and New Games

Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer said his piece on the closing of five different Microsoft development studios yesterday via Twitter.

Yesterday came the news of Microsoft cancelling development of upcoming game Fable: Legends, and shutting down its parent company Lionhead Studios, the developers of the long-running Fable series.

Other studios that Microsoft shut down were Press Play, BigPark, Function Studios, Good Science, LXP, and SOTA. The Project Spark team also had the final nail put in its coffin, finishing the saga of the ill-fated game creation tool. While it was first announced that the Project Spark team would be releasing paid DLC, Project Spark will now be free to download and use.

One interesting thing to note was that many of the closed studios were studios that focused on making Kinect games. Whether this means Microsoft is simply giving up on the Kinect as a platform all its own, or has simply gotten rid of the studios for their lackluster performance, remains to be seen.

On his Twitter, Phil Spencer said that he and Xbox remained dedicated to first-party content, and that gamers should expect new goodies at this year’s Gamescom and E3 shows.

Given where we are on the calendar our focus on news now will be our launches with new news on upcoming games at the summer shows.

Another thing Phil Spencer said was to dismiss feelings that Microsoft would drop off of creating Triple A titles in favor of porting over mobile games to PC. Spencer made another tweet that put paid to that theory.

That is not our plan at all. We want to support the biggest games possible.

While many of the other studios have closed now, Fable: Legends was shut down in the middle of its beta, though Lionhead will allow access to every one of the game’s heroes before it finally shuts down.