New Rocket League DLC Brings Batmobile, New Antennae and Automated Camera in Spec

Rocket League might have passed one million unique users on Xbox One, but the developers are still prioritizing the PS4 and PC version of the game. For instance, the first championship of the game is on these two platforms and the latest Rocket League DLC is also limited to PS4 and PC alone. Oh and by the way, this is one that gets you a Batmobile!

A couple of hours ago PSyonix has added what they are calling the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack DLC to the game that not only adds Batman’s iconic vehicle but also new antennae to the game for three of our most loved superheroes from DC Comics namely Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Other than that, the new Rocket League DLC also brings an added feature to the game’s spectator mode; a new automated camera has been added to improve viewability of exactly what is going on. However, the automated camera option is still in its beta phase.

Here are the complete patch notes:

Added “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack” DLC, including…

  • (DLC) Exclusive “Batmobile” Battle-Car
  • (DLC) Three new Antenna Flags:
    • “Batman”
    • “Superman”
    • “Wonder Woman”
  • Added a new automated camera option in Spectator Mode called “Autocam”. This camera will automatically track the action to improve the viewing experience for spectators. (BETA)

We are sure everyone is going to try out the new Batmobile because who doesn’t want to fight like the Dark Knight! Was there anything else that you would have loved to see as a part of the Rocket League DLC?