Mass Effect Andromeda Editor Leaves Bioware, Quits Industry

Mass Effect Andromeda editor Cameron Harris is leaving her position at Bioware. She revealed the news on her Twitter recently, along with the news of her departure from the gaming industry.

She will be pursuing new opportunities in Seattle.

The talented editor was with Bioware for a long time and worked on projects like Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age: Inquisition and the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This isn’t the first team member to leave Bioware in the middle of Mass Effect Andromeda development. Previously, Andromeda writer Chris Schlerf left Bioware to work with Bungie on Destiny 2. Schlerf will be contributing to Destiny 2’s storyline which is a good thing for Bungie as Destiny’s story surely needs some help.

Meanwhile, Bioware did gain Naughty Dog Cinematic Animator Tal Peleg for Mass Effect Andromeda:

I am thrilled to join BioWare Austin for an exciting new adventure that will bring a breath of new challenges and responsibilities, which I really look forward to diving into head on. The awesome folks at all of the BioWare studios have been exceptionally welcoming, and so I’d like to personally thank them for offering me a spot to help propel BioWare’s remarkable work to all new heights.

The comings and goings of different devs could be the reason behind Mass Effect Andromeda delay. The game was originally planned for a Fall 2016 release but will now head to consoles and PC in 2017.

Hopefully, unlike Fable Legends, this one game will survive the rough patch.

The gaming industry will surely miss the talents of soon to be ex Mass Effect Andromeda editor Cameron Harris, we wish her best of luck in all future endeavours.