Exploit That Allows You to Run Linux on PS4 Released on GitHub

At the start of the year we reported on how it is possible to run Linux on Playstation 4, but the method in which to do so was widely unavailable.

However, hacking group failOverflow have now released the tools and directions that anyone can use to run Linux on PS4.

The kernel-based operating system that was first shown at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32c3) can now be replicated as long as you have the sufficient tools as well as, of course, the sufficient knowledge and experience on hacking consoles.

First of all, in order to boot Linux you will need to have firmware version 1.76 as the latest update on your PS4 along with the PS4 kexec loader and a special PS4 Linux kernel fork.

On top of this you’ll also need the leaked ‘PS4 BadlRET Kernel Exploit’, so if all of this makes no sense at all to you then it’s proabably best to leave your console as it is. If you have the kernel compiling experience then knock yourself out.

As per the presentation at the conference, all of this will allow you to run Gentoo with Linux 4.4, and after the showcase it was confirmed that most of the harware components such as the 3D graphics acceleration can also be utilized under this version of Linux on the PS4.

Be warned that implementing this operating system will require an older firmware version installed on the PS4, as well as an addition of complicated and intricate tools, so we do not advise attempting to tamper with this or any console without previous knowledge or experience.

However, if you do know exactly what you’re doing and give it a shot, let us know how you find running Linux on your PS4 in the comments below!