The Division Servers are Down Right on the Launch Day, Way to Go Ubisoft!

March 8, 2016, the day we have all been waiting for because today is when Tom Clancy’s The Division finally releases. However, it looks like both the betas weren’t enough for Ubisoft to get everything in order, The Division servers are down already!

The server launch was today, and we have picked up numerous complaints from the users who are trying to start the game that instead of getting the game loaded, they have received an error code Sierra 10710167 that reads:

Ubisoft services are not available at this time. Please try again later.

No matter how many times you try to load the game, this message as well as other Sierra errors with different codes keep popping up. The issue is pretty widespread because users are taking to the official Twitter account of PlayStation, NeoGAF, and Reddit as well to ask what on earth is going on.

That being said, Sierra errors are not the only thing people have received, there are Romeo and Mike errors too. Uplay is unable to let people pass and it is also unable to display the proper achievements.

Apparently, the errors started popping up as soon as the North American audience was allowed to join in, everything was fine before that.

It looks like they have not been able to bear the load of so many players going online at the same time, but weren’t they well aware of this from the start? Yes the game is not broken.

In all honesty, this is not something Ubisoft has done for the first time. The fact that The Division servers are down on launch day should not surprise those of you who have been playing their games in the past too. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is utterly ridiculous.

The game had two betas, and yet they manage to piss off tons of fans right on day one. Way to go Ubisoft.

We are not sure when The Division servers are going to pull themselves up, but we will let you know as soon as something comes in.