The Division Servers Timings Revealed, Set Your Clocks

Tom Clancy’s “The Division” will release tomorrow, March 8, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. With its release finally coming after two E3s and multiple delays, The Division servers will finally start up at 12:01 AM on March 8, 2016, in each region’s local time.

However, The Division servers will actually start earlier in the United Kingdom, starting from 1 P.M. today. However, this will only be for the physical copies of the game; if you’ve bought a digital copy, you’ll have to wait like everyone else.

However, pre-loading is now open for copies of the game, so if you’ve pre-ordered your game, don’t wait!

Reviews for The Division have been pretty much nonexistent without the servers going up, but the game has gotten a positive reception from the two betas in the past few months. That, along with various news about DLC and other game modes, and other information, is helping to build up anticipation of the game in these last few days before the game releases.

This includes a new faction, the “Last Man Battalion”, the news that the Dark Zone will evolve when you reach level 30 in the game, 137 weapons, and a number of story threads: finding out information about the virus that has ravaged New York City, dealing with the various factions that have carved out pieces of the city for themselves, and rebuilding New York in the aftermath.

The Division will initially launch with 26 different missions, not including all of the various sidequests that will launch along with the game.

The Division’s map will also be even larger than the Beta version, at least six times greater, when you include the Dark Zone, the game’s PVP area.

With luck, The Division servers will be able to handle the influx of traffic when the game releases tonight at midnight, especially with other multiplayer games of its kind often having server issues on launch. While the betas seemed to go fairly smoothly, you have to wonder how it will work out on final release.