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Quantum Break Might Not Be Good Value for Money for Remedy Entertainment

We have all been siked about Quantum Break and how it is evolving the way games are played. On the one hand you have the time-bending, clock-stopping, bullet-dodging gameplay that is rarely seen in other games, but more than that, it goes beyond the limits of a conventional game to blur the lines between a live action TV show and a videogame.

This shooter comes with its own length of episodes you get to watch after every mission that are woven together based on the choices you make. All this, and the extensive work that Remedy has done on the game definitely puts it not only high in terms of anticipation but also resources and funds that would have been allocated to it.

Sadly, there is a downside to it as well. The game is a single player entry that has an opening, a middle and an end. What we know of games like this one is that they come, they stay (but not for too long), and once players are through with the missions (you’d take a week based on how hyped we are) they move on to the next title.

Would all the hard work, all the money spent into it and all the innovations brought in with the TV series then be worth it?

Isn’t it possible that Quantum Break seriously stands the risk of not being able to give back as much to the developers as to cover up the expenditure and take home a deserving amount of earnings?

If the fans who buy the game (though I am sure it will sell in millions) and decide to go to the resellers immediately after they are done with the content in a week or so, what will happen to the rest of the expected sales that should follow the initial sales achieved at launch? Sam Lake of Remedy accepts that as a problem, but hopes for the best:

There are problems with that model that we are seeing in the industry, but at the same time, I think you can do beautiful things with that. The very basic problem is rental and resale. If you can play through it in a weekend, that is a problem. We are looking at this critically and thinking about what we should we keep, because we are good at making certain kinds of experiences and we don’t want to lose that.

What do you make of all this? Do you think there is a risk that Quantum Break is facing?

Thanks, Vice.