Overwatch Release Date, Open Beta and More Leaked; Coming May 24

There are a number of things interesting regarding Blizzard’s latest take on multiplayer first person shooters; for instance, we know that the Mac version is not happening, and that the developers are against Hero Bans and whatnot. However, details on the Overwatch release date and the much anticipated open beta have been kept under the wraps for some time now.

Blizzard Entertainment still wouldn’t divulge information on those two fronts, but it looks like they got dealt with an unexpected blow. Advertisement material for the game was sent out to a number of publications, like it usually is for most of the AAA upcoming games, and it also included the date of release as well as details on the future open beta.

Of course those banners were not supposed to go live already, but our good old friends at IGN somehow managed to put them on live today. While I cannot find the banners on their website now, eagle-eyed fans of ours were able to snatch a screenshot which we have added below.

Overwatch release date and open beta leak

So according to the obviously legitimate advertisements on the said website, the Overwatch release date is Tuesday May 24, 2016. First point, that is a Tuesday and second point, two and a half months’ time for the open beta and related testing sound very normal so yes, May 24 it is!

As far as the access to open beta is concerned, it looks like Blizzard Entertainment is going give “Early Access” to the open beta, to those fans who preorder the game. The Overwatch release date may be in the last week of May, but if you preorder, you get the open beta access on May 3!