New League of Legends Client Leaked While in Alpha, Video Inside

We have talked about the new League of Legends client in the past as well, when it was revealed that Riot Games was planning on creating a client that would accommodate other Riot games as well. That came from the officials over a month ago, and now we have our hands on a leaked alpha video showing off what it looks like.

The new client can be seen at works in the video below. As you can see, Riot is trying to bring it more in line with Windows 10 – as they promised – and making it a lot more pretty on the way.

First things first however, keep in mind that although this is the latest alpha build of the new League of Legends client, it should in no way be taken as the final product. A number of changes could be made to it by the time it passes the alpha onto the the beta and finally into our hands.

Other than that, we apologize for the ruckus being caused in the video, the sounds are probably because the YouTuber forgot to turn off the mic. Since the video is making rounds on the internet, the developers have also come out to comment on it.

As we’re getting closer to opening up sign-ups for the League client update alpha test, we’re conducting internal testing so we’re prepped for players to participate in the alpha. This required use of a live, public environment, and we knew there was a chance of it being prematurely discovered. That’s okay, and we’ll be sharing much more context on the League client update and its alpha test as we get closer to the alpha’s start, including some info on the PBE boards in the next week or so in regards to an upcoming tech test.

So far, it looks like this is where thy have gotten so far, if there are any changes, they will have to be made in the following days otherwise Riot Games would have pointed it out.

That being said, how do you like the new League of Legends client?