David Hayter Hints Metal Gear Solid Remake?

With the cancellation of the Shadow Moses Project rumours were bound to start. Now David Hayter hints Metal Gear Solid remake too.

The hint was made today on David Hayter’s Twitter page. Although ambiguous on what it actually hints at, it is questionable at what else it could be:

Hayter’s involvement in anything related to Metal Gear Solid is going to be big news, ever after he was replaced on Metal Gear Solid 5. Coming back to the series, the only things that this could be related to are a remake of one of the previous games or his voice used in something related to the series.

It is obviously hoped by many fans that if David Hayter hints Metal Gear Solid remake, then this is the reason that the Shadow Moses Project was cancelled. It was also something I debated on when I reported on the sad news. Konami definitely need some good press at the moment and this will obviously make fans happy, as long as the remake fits what they expect.

We’ll have to wait for more hints as that what David Hayter is working on, but this tweet is obviously designed to create speculation from the fans. The fact that we are writing this news item shows that this job has been well done.

What are your thoughts on the news that David Hayter hints Metal Gear Solid remake? Let us know in the comments section below.