AMD Virtual Reality Gaming Showcase to be Webcast from GDC

The AMD virtual reality gaming showcase is going to be webcast from the GDC. This will show us what the company plans are for the future.

Calling the showcase “Capsaicin” because it will deliver a “spicy kick” the webcast will:

“explore the inner essence of the graphics processing unit (GPU) and how it powers innovations in gaming and virtual reality. The webcast will feature an inside look at the latest technological advancements affecting the enthusiast and developer communities as they approach the burgeoning virtual reality market.”

The webcast will be hosted on the AMD Investor Relations home page and should be interesting for all those interested in the future of VR. It will also show how AMD plan to battle NVIDIA to become the dominant force in the new technology.

With Virtual Reality being the “next big thing” in entertainment, both of the companies will be working hard to gain a foothold. In recent tests it looks like AMD may have the edge on the competition, though with the headsets being in their infancy, both companies will work hard to be top. This will also become a focus on consoles as the battle moves their too.

The AMD virtual reality gaming showcase will show what AMD plan on bringing to the battle, and where their future plans are leading them. We don’t really expect any ground-breaking announcements that will change the gaming landscape, but AMD will want to show how confident they are that they can lead the pack.

We’ll have to wait until March 14, 4:00 PM PST to see the webcast live and see what they have to show. If you miss it, it will be available to re-watch a few hours later.

What are your thoughts on what the AMD virtual reality gaming showcase will show? Let us know in the comments section below.