138 The Division Weapons, Bratva Faction, Suicide Dogs, Drones, Tanks Leaked

A couple of days ago as many as 58 of The Division weapons were leaked online thanks to the beta files, but it turns out those were not even half of the full list that the game will bring you! As many as 138 weapons have been discovered through the preload files of the game.

In what could be regarded as a series of mega leaks that have come together, a number of different unannounced details have surfaced online. For instance, the game has a total of 26 missions, and tons of achievements to unlock.

This and a number of other details were picked out by a brave soul on Reddit who datamined the whole thing to its core.

It looks like apart from hundreds of The Division weapons above, the game will have at least five DLC weapons including the AK74 Burst, HK 416 Burst, L85 Burst, SCAR-L Burst,SR16 Burst, M16 Burst, Saiga12 Singleshot and Overunder Singleshot – the last two being shotguns while the rest are assault rifles apart from the M60 LMG.

Since we are talking about DLC, the game is going to have a additional content that has something to do with drones. A file was found hinted at the possibility. Moving on, the game also has tanks – in case you didn’t already figure that out.

Then there is the Bratva Faction and… Suicide dogs! What else could you ask for, right?

The list of The Division weapons is available at this Google Docs link, most of them also have their stats written next to them and some even have pictures that you can see if you click on the underlined name of the said weapon.

Check them out, but keep in mind that none of this has come from Ubisoft itself which means the final version might be different from this. With that in mind, here’s to March 8!

Oh and while you are at it, do tell us if you think The Division is going to be the Destiny killer.

Thanks, itsgamerdoc.