The Division Incursions and Survival Expansion Detailed and Discussed by Ubisoft

There are a number of things that we still don’t know about Ubisoft’s fan favorite upcoming shooter in the Tom Clancy’s series, but at least The Division Incursions as well as one of the planned expansions came up in recent discussions.

For those of you who do not know, one of the future expansions that the game will get is named Survival, and about it we know that this is where you have to “survive as long as possible…”

Magnus Jansen, Ubisoft Massive’s creative director, did not want to say more about it but he has clarified that at least one speculation about the expansion is not true, Survival is not a “Gears of War/Horde-style mode.” It also does not deal with the same threats as the rest of the game.

I don’t want to say too much but a new threat rises and you and your team mates must defend against it.

Moving on to the more openly discussed parts; Jansen has detailed what you can expect from The Division Incursions. This is a player vs enemy event of the game where max leveled players group up in fours – just like Raids?

An Incursion is a PvE end-game activity for a group of four players at max level. Incursions require preparation and coordination as they are extremely challenging. The first incursion will be available in the first free update. More Incursions are in development, but it is too soon to talk about these without spoiling them.

So tell us, how much of a similarity do you expect to find between Destiny Raids and The Division Incursions? The game is apparently preparing to become a Destiny killer after all.

Thanks, GameSpot.