$351 Million Nintendo Land Japan Coming Alongside 2020 Olympics

Alright so finally Nintendo is building Nintendo Land – rather letting Universal Studios build, to be exact. We have been hearing plans for some time now, but the speculations were substantiated around May last year when a partnership between the two companies surfaced.

Now, however, the first details on the project have popped up. Firstly, you should know that Universal Studios is really taking this seriously as they have decided to spend as much as forty billion yen on the theme park.

Let us do the maths for you, according to today’s foreign exchange rates, forty billion yen equates to $351,509,200 or roughly $351.5 million! That is not a small amount of money, and in context of other theme parks, this equals to what Universal Studios spent on giving us The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

How long will it take to complete Nintendo Land? Four year from now. Universal Studios is currently planning to complete the construction and open the gates to the fans in 2020.

Incidentally, that is also the year when Japan will be holding the Summer Olympics, which, apart from giving you all the more reason to save for the tour, also promises an assuredly successful and gigantic opening.

That deadline also suggests that Universal Studios would not want to face anything that delays the launch past 2020 because they would want to cash in on the hordes of visitors that will come fro Summer Olympics 2020.

Moving on, the size of the Nintendo Land Japan has also been revealed through a map that shows the area dedicated to the theme park in comparison with the area that currently covers other Universal attractions. It is not going to be the major chunk of the whole area, but the size looks substantial.

Nintendo Land Japan

Last but no the least, it has been reiterated that everything related to Mario is going to take up a primary part of the park.

Are you excited?

Thanks, Sankei Japan.