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Download Your Favorite Gameplays from YouTube Gaming With 4K Video Downloader

Google launched its Twitch-like games-centric service YouTube Gaming, in August last year. Youtube Gaming caters directly to gamers, as it allows them to record their gaming and broadcast it live to fans and other gamers.

While you can easily stream broadcasts, streaming at high resolution can be too bandwidth-intensive. So, what’s better than saving them to your computer to playback at a later time?

The problem is that YouTube Gaming doesn’t currently allow the functionality to download or record livestreams. This is where 4K Video Downloader becomes relevant with an added support to download videos and streams from for Youtube Gaming.

With 4K Video Downloader, you can now download recorded streams to your PCs, Macs and Linux, transfer them to the mobile devices and watch gaming videos on the go, and all that goes with clean and simple interface, free, and no registration needed!

While you’ll find some other tools around which promise to help you download livestreams, what makes 4K Video Downloader stand out of the crowd is its simple and easy to use downloading interface.

Downloading a stream from YouTube Gaming is literally as simple as copying and pasting the URL. As mentioned above, the 4K Video Downloader supports high resolution and high frame rate videos – you can download 4K 60fps videos.

If you have a high-resolution monitor, and want to download livestreams into 4K, Get 4K Video Downloader For Free!.