New EA Sports UFC 2 Screenshots Show-Off Explosive Action

Today a new bunch of new EA Sports UFC 2 screenshots have been released. Featuring plenty of well-known fighters, it shows them in hard-hitting action.

In the images that you can see below, some of the most popular UFC MMA fighters can be seen in battle. These include Ronda Rousey, Colin McGregor, Bruce Lee, and Anderson Silva. These have obviously been selected because they will be popular choices in the game.

What these new EA Sports UFC 2 screenshots show are the impressive graphics in the game, and the detail that has gone into the fighters. This includes facial expressions and impact reactions. Most impressive is the fact that even in screenshots the impact of the moves the fighters are using can be seen and look believable.

As the game heads towards its March 15 release, we now know the full roster as well as their overall rankings. Though it appears that some of the fighters aren’t impressed with the computer versions of themselves. With 250 fighters available for fans to play as, I’m sure they won’t be too bothered by the fact that the models aren’t a perfect representation of their favourite fighters.

Featuring some interesting new modes, a lot of focus will undoubtedly be on how well Mike Tyson plays in the game. Though it would be more interesting to see how he would fair in the real Octagon, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

Are you impressed by the new EA Sports UFC 2 screenshots? Let us know in the comments section below.