Miyazaki Based Dark Souls 3 on his Own Tastes

Hidetaka Miyazaki based Dark Souls 3 on what he likes in a game, if the director of the upcoming RPG is to be believed.

“All in Dark Souls III is based on my personal preferences. Dark Souls II had been built and supervised by other people, and for that reason tend followed their tastes. So, in terms of world design and other elements, my intent is to structurally return to the first chapter, which as Bloodborne, had a more interconnected world.”

Miyazaki has been the director of three of From Software’s 4 souls games, including Demon’s Souls, the original Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Dark Souls 2, which he did not direct during its development.

Dark Souls II, which was directed by Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura, is even spoken of as being inferior (though not by much) to the Miyazaki games, with the series’ notoriously ambiguous lore being seen as too much of a direct continuation of Dark Souls I.

Miyazaki based Dark Souls 3’s level of difficulty on his own tastes as well, saying that it wasn’t a matter of it being too difficult, but rather unreasonable being how the difficulty was managed.

There have been times when I had to stop, take a step back and consider the difficulty of the game. not necessarily because ritenessi certain aspects ‘too difficult’, but rather ‘unreasonable’. This is the term we use, even with the development team. If we think about it in depth, the typical difficulties of the franchise Dark Souls is something that players are always able to overcome, in some way. We must not pull the rope too, must maintain a balance.

The same can be said with how Miyazaki based Dark Souls 3’s equipment and various classes on his own feelings on it as well; as with many RPGs, optimum builds are a matter under constant debate in order to get the most out of your class of character.

With many Souls games having weapons that require you to have a certain stat at the proper number, many characters with specializations in certain stats had also been locked out of some weapons, unable to equip them unless they go through hours of grinding. Miyazaki, however, hopes to alleviate this somewhat.

“We’re trying to make sure that whatever the class chosen by the player at the beginning, does not determine which weapon should use later in the game, but at the same time, we want to make that has an impact in the gameplay, at the end, and the new skill system allows us to balance these two elements.”