Controversial Quantum Break PC Release Reaction Confused Remedy

It’s fair to say that the controversial Quantum Break PC release has hindered the hype for the game. It has also left Remedy confused by reaction of the gaming community.

This was revealed in an interview by Remedy’s Sam Lake with Eurogamer. Who admitted he was slightly confused by the reaction of some gamers:

“I do understand people being passionate, and feeling ownership on their preferred platform. I do understand that. At the same time, as the maker of a game like this, we just hope we can get as many people to enjoy it as possible. From my perspective, adding another option of playing the game, it’s all positive.”

On the reason for also releasing the game on the PC he revealed:

“We do have a lot of fans on the PC side, and going back in Remedy history, PC’s always been part of it. We’re really happy to get an Alan Wake PC version out there as well. But obviously because they’re business oriented decisions, you can’t talk about them until the final agreement has been set. I was really happy to get that to be a part of this.”

Even if the controversial Quantum Break PC release may confuse the developers it is still good news for gamers. Especially when it supports 4K resolution gameplay with 60fps. One thing Lake wanted to stress was Remedy’s respect for their fanbase:

“At the end of the day, that passion in the fanbase, it’s important to us. Myself, I’m just happy to play these things, to be able to create them so people can play them. The platform doesn’t really… We’re an indie studio! We have an awesome partnership with Microsoft, and a long-running one. They’ve been great. And at the end of the day, it’s about games.”

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