Battleborn Spam Being Posted on YouTube, Common Sense Advised

It appears that some harmful Battleborn spam is being posted on YouTube comments. In a lesson on Internet security, it goes without saying that this link should not be trusted.

This harmful Battleborn spam link has been reported on Reddit which itself links to a video which states that the unsafe link is being posted by a YouTube user “WoFulPaul” and shows a G2A link. It is advised that users don’t click on that link. G2A itself is not a spam site, just the link that is appearing on YouTube.

While the person who has created the video provides their own link to G2A for the official page on that site for Battleborn, they also say for safety just go to the trusted store you would usually use on your system. This is the best advice, and something you should always stick to.

Popular games that are heading close to their release date will always be bait used by Spammers to find unwilling victims, so always be aware. With many Battleborn videos being released showing off new characters for the game it comes as no surprise that links like these will be posted. Common sense should say not to click these links, and to stay safe.

Battleborn is scheduled for release May 3 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so not long to wait now. If links are being spammed not only on YouTube, but other social media sites remember it is better to be safe than sorry, and stick to retail sites that you know you can trust. There will be plenty of deals on the game, especially on the PC so don’t fall for any that seem too good to be true.

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