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Ultimate Team profits Stand at Around $650 Million a Year for EA

In the world of microtransactions, it seems the Ultimate Team profits are king. EA are making a lot of money from their successful gaming model, even though it does prove to be controversial.

Today it was revealed that EA are making around $650 million from the Ultimate Team modes which are available in FIFA, Madden and NHL. It will also be coming to EA Sports UFC 2 when the game is released. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley investor conference, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen commented on the success:

“We’ve been a leader in driving digital extra content for games, which really drives the profitability of this business,” he said. That extra content includes products like a Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront, say, or map-packs for the Battlefield series, but the biggest contributor – by far – is Ultimate Team.”

When discussing the Ultimate Team profits, this came from comments on how the “extra content” for games brings in profit:

“The extra content business is a billion-three [$1.3 billion] a year,” he said. “Half of that is roughly our Ultimate Team business.”

With the success they are having with the Ultimate Team model, it looks like it is here to stay. It has proven a success with fans, and this is obviously why so much money has been invested in it. If anything, they do appear to be the more accepted form of microtransactions for game.

What are your thoughts on the Ultimate Team profits? Are you a fan of these modes, or do you think they hinder the enjoyment of the games? Let us know in the comments section below.