The Replacer Returns in New Black Ops 3 Awakening Trailer

Every beloved brand, franchise, or series needs its own mascot, doesn’t it? Kool-Aid has its property-damaging living juice jug, Trix yogurt and cereal has the rabbit dealing with greedy kids whose parents never taught them the value of sharing, and Disney has Mickey Mouse and his pals.

Call of Duty doesn’t have anything as light-hearted as that. Instead, Call of Duty: Black Ops’s mascot “the Replacer” is essentially like StateFarm’s “Mayhem” mascot, who personifies failures of you or others that will cause you to have to call your insurance company: a personification of players neglecting their other obligations in order to play the game.

While this might not necessarily result in the sort of chaos that Mayhem gets up to, but “the Replacer” as he’s known is just about as useless at his job.

He claims to be able to “replace” you in order to keep you from having to stop playing Call of Duty, but instead only makes situations worse, whether making a bad first impression your girlfriend’s parents, or mangling your job as a teppanyaki chef.

The Replacer has made his return in the official live-action trailer for Black Ops 3 Awakening.

Black Ops 3 Awakening includes five new multiplayer maps–including “Skyjacked” which takes place on a flying Swiss police cruiser, “Splash” which takes place in a waterpark, and “Gauntlet,” a three-in-one map that takes you from a jungle to a freezing glacier to an urban environment.

With the Replacer’s antics in mind, I’d advise that none of you take off days of work to play the DLC. Having time to yourself to play online with your friends is fun and all, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your other obligations to go for it. Not just because you might get fired, but some kind of chaos might result that you’d rather have been there to prevent.