Stormtrooper Finn Wants More Story for Star Wars Battlefront

Stormtrooper Finn is not happy with the lack of single player content in Star Wars Battlefront. He was vocal about his concerns and requested more story content.

Star Wars Episode VII star John Boyega is a longtime Battlefront fan but he isn’t satisfied with the latest installment due to it not having a proper story mode. He tweeted out to EA Star Wars and requested changes. He was also looking to visit their HQ in UK.

John Tweeted:

“Been playing battlefront for years”

“What’s weird is killing stormtroopers online before …. Actually killing stormtroopers..”


Battlefront (1)

Fans want the same thing but we shouldn’t expect a proper story mode happning with this particular Star Wars game. From the very beginning, it was a multiplayer centric game and it is going to stay that way for the rest of its cycle. However, the next Star Wars game should learn from the shortcomings of Star Wars Battlefront.

Lack of story content will always be criticised no matter how good rest of the game is. We can take the example of TitanFall, the game did so well with its multiplayer but to this day, its lack of story is criticised.

Another example is Destiny, I read someone say that The Witcher 3’s side quests have more story than Destiny. It was harsh but unfortunately true.

Devs need to understand that a story mode will add a lot to the overall Star Wars experience. Do you think the next game should have a proper story mode? Let us know what you think in the comments below.