No Man’s Sky Shares Events Between Players

Hello Games have revealed that No Man’s Sky shares events between players of the game.  This includes the ability to destroy space stations and for these to be removed for all players.

While the procedurally created universe of No Man Sky is said to be huge, players will be exploring the same places. This means that major incidents will have an impact on other player’s game. This was revealed in the video you can see above.

If you move around the 5:30 mark you’ll hear the comments about the sharing that will take place in the game. This was revealed by Sean Murray, of Hello Games who was being interviewed by PlayStation Access about the game. What we have to assume is that this means the space station, as the example used here, will be gone forever.

Of course we’ll need more details about this to know exactly how big the events will have to be and how much of an impact they will truly have, but this does make things interesting. If you do destroy things such as space stations what repercussions will they have? I’m sure we’ll be told these details closer to the release date.

Today has seen the confirmation of No Man’s Sky release date and price which has caused some surprise. Now we are getting details such as the fact that No Man’s Sky shares events between players, this should start to make people realise the scale of the game, and why it may justify its cost.

What are your thoughts on No Man’s Sky? Are you looking forward to the release? Let us know in the comments section below.