Nintendo Direct Announcements for Summer 2016

Today Nintendo are revealing their summer 2016 with their Nintendo Direct stream. Here you can read the main announcements and any surprises that were revealed.

The schedule for the Nintendo Direct presentation was leaked yesterday and is believed to include the following points, we’ll update this list as the news is revealed and update it accordingly:

Star Fox Zero

Star Fox is finally ready, new footage is shown promising new map structures but a feel of the N64 version of the game. The Fortuna stage is also revealed which is a new map in the game. There will also be a two player mode on the Wii U making use of the Wii Controller.

Amiibo use with the game is confirmed.

Star Fox Guard

  • New game revealed with Slippy’s uncle as a character, which looks to be a tower defence style of game.
  • Both games release April 22, 2016.


Splatoon is getting a balancing update on March 8th. There will also be a two part weapons update starting to arrive in April.

Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

  • New trailer for the game is revealed showing some of the events from the game.
  • New events will include Ruby 7’s, and Rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Release date for the game is June 24th on Wii U.
  • Nintendo 3DS release date is March 18th.

Super Mario Maker

  • New Thwomps to be added to the game
  • New key doors to be added to, with boss battles.

Tokyo Mirage Solutions

  • Atlus game
  • Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover finally named
  • Includes songs from Japan’s biggest pop idol agency
  • Game will be in Japanese with English subtitles
  • June 24 release date

Lost Reavers

  • Bandai-Namco’s co-op dungeon-crawling action game
  • Fight zombies, hunt for treasure
  • April 14 Open Beta
  • April 28 full version

Paper Mario Color Splash

  • Re-paint areas of game drained of color
  • Paint cards to fight in battles and use attacks
  • Planned for release in 2016

Pokken Tournament

  • Players will rank up through various leagues to get more and more skilled opponents
  • Different fighting styles of Pokemon
  • Support Pokemon
  • Mega Evolutions are usable in “Burst Attacks”
  • Exclusive Amiibo card of Shadow Mewtwo for first-run games
  • Wii U on March 18
  • Pokken Tournament Early Access competition on March 17

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD comes out tomorrow.

Nintendo Loyalty program “My Nintendo”

  • Offers features and points for interacting with services and goods.
  • “Miitomo” social media app

Mini Mario and Friends: Amiibo Challenge

  • Free download for Wii U and 3DS
  • Amiibos used to run through courses
  • March 25

Series 4 of Animal Crossing Amiibos coming out June 10

  • Virtual Console getting upgrade
  • Exclusively on New Nintendo 3DS XL
  • Includes Zelda, Donkey Kong, Earthbound
  • Super NES games
  • First group on March 3, then on March 24, then April 14

Pocket Card Jockey

  • Mix of Solitaire and horse racing
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • May

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

  • Rival character Copen from first game joins playable characters
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 1 available March 2 to June 1 at discounted price
  • Coming this summer

Fire Emblem Fates

  • Downloadable content coming
  • “Revelation” path now available
  • Coming March 10
  • 20 dollar price tag
  • Museum Melee and Royal Royale maps ready for download for 2.49
  • Map pack owners get them free

Hyrule Warriors: Legends

  • Now available on 3DS
  • Wind Waker characters available
  • Linkle now playable
  • New downloadable content available this year
  • Season pass available to get all DLC for free
  • Pre-orders get art books
  • Character “Medley” from Wind Waker available for free for both versions of game
  • Releases March 25
  • Disney Art Academy
  • Players can learn how to draw Disney characters
  • May 13

Bravely Second: End Layer

  • New jobs available
  • Wizard, Catmancer
  • Demo story coming up March 10 in Nintendo E-shop
  • Collector’s edition available for pre-purchase now
  • Launches April 15

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

  • Remade for Nintendo 3DS
  • A whole new version of the game
  • New story
  • New models
  • Launches later this year

Monster Hunter Generations

  • New style system
  • New Hunter Arts
  • Summer 2016
  • Bonus content for Monster Hunter 4 players
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate gets discounted price now.
  • Includes Marth costume

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

  • Has class system
  • Weight limit
  • Samus is not the main character
  • Releases late spring 2016

Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Rhythm Heaven Megamix

  • 100 rhythm games, 70 from previous titles
  • Now coming to America
  • Available later this year

Kirby Planet Robobot

  • Kirby uses enemy power against them
  • Includes four-player co-op battle mode
  • Teams can include people that don’t have the game
  • Amiibo compatible
  • New line of Kirby Amiibos
  • June 10

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