Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Combat Footage Shows Faith in Action

While we’ve seen plenty of running, what about some Mirror’s Edge Catalyst combat footage? Finally, we get to see Faith in action, and it is impressive stuff.

In the video above we see a short burst of gameplay that shows Faith having to take on a number of opponents in what is mostly unarmed combat. She does grab a few weapons off her opponents, but from what we can see she shows she is more deadly without them.

While the footage is “gameplay” as in being in game, we know that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first-person game which this video obviously, for the most part isn’t. We still get a glimpse of the first-person sections which keeps to the style of the first game, but with updated graphics of course.

With a Closed Beta announced and the game releasing May 24, the release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is only a few months off so this Mirror’s Edge Catalyst combat footage is obviously going to build up some hype around the game. It will be interesting to see what people’s impression of the game is after the Beta, if they can talk about it. We can expect some leaks of course, so that will be interesting to see.

If you want to see some more Movement gameplay footage, then check this footage here not exciting as the combat, it still shows off plenty of Parkour action and how impressive the city looks.

What did you think of the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst combat footage? Are you looking forward to the game’s release? Let us know in the comments section below.