Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Character Artwork Revealed

Do you want to see some new Mass Effect Andromeda lead character artwork? Some new images that have surfaced online appear to feature the character, though they don’t give away that much.

The images that have appeared on ZBrushCentral were posted by user FoOD who posted them to discuss their artwork and show it off. These images can be seen below:

As you can see they do have a look that would fit the Mass Effect games, but with enough of a difference for them to appear new. One interesting element is the pulled down collar, which appears to be ready to pull up when needed. Could this be to add more protection in extreme environments? It does look to have some use, and not just be for looks. Whatever the case, this is impressive Mass Effect Andromeda lead character artwork.

The problem with these images of course is that we don’t actually know who “FoOd” is, and if they are actually an employee of Bioware. This could just be the work of some very talented fan who used the trailer as a reference. Until we get confirmation of this, we’ll just have to hope that they are. Unless you aren’t a fan, then you’ll probably hope they are not.

This is interesting timing for a leak like this, since the game has just been delayed. Seeing the Mass Effect Andromeda lead character artwork adds a little hype to the game, and may lighten the hit of knowing we won’t get to see the game until 2017.

What do you think about these new images? Do you think they are for real, or just some very impressive fan art? Let us know in the comments section below.