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Gears of War One Shot Kill Announced, Longshots Only!

Gears of War One Shot Kill is coming on March 7 to the Ultimate Edition of the game, according to the latest from Microsoft Studios. Time to test your true Gears skills.

After plenty of community feedback on the dos and don’ts of One Shot Kill, a final date for the event was finally announced. Players won’t be able to use Bolts during One Shot Kill.

Also, long-shots only!

On a related note, Gears of War 4 is rumored to be heading to PC. Aaron Greenbern, marketing lead of Xbox, indirectly hinted at the existence of Gear 4 on Windows 10.

While speaking about Microsoft’s plans for Xbox and Windows 10, he said:

That said, as the first party we will continue to invest in the creation of great console exclusives like Gears of War 4, ReCore, Halo Wars 2 and similar titles. We believe in building one big ecosystem of games.

You can head over here to read up on his entire statement.

It looks like games are going to called “Microsoft exclusives” in the future, not Xbox or PC exclusives. One big ecosystem sounds good but they have to handle the proceedings smartly or run the risk of damaging Xbox user-base. PC offers many benefits including free online, open hardware etc.

Bringing console exclusives to PC means players may start showing more interest in PC and leave Xbox behind.

What’s fair is that we get some PC exclusives on Xbox One, that’s the proper way of creating a big ecosystem of games. However, most PC games aren’t designed for consoles.