Alan Wake Easter Eggs in Quantum Break a Sign of Things to Come

It appears that the Alan Wake Easter eggs are a sign of things to come. The team behind Quantum Break, and Alan Wake have been speaking about the inclusion of these hints to the game and what they mean.

The the Daily Star talked to Thomas Puha, the Communications Director for Remedy about the Alan Wake Easter eggs and the reasons for them being in the game:

“Really it’s about having a little bit of fun by putting in these little Alan Wake Easter eggs into the game,” explained Puha.

“This is something for the fans out there, that’s the way we look at it. There’s lots of other references to find, some for our other games which you’ll see the further into the game, but this is just us having a little bit of fun.”

These Easter eggs are easy to spot in footage that has been released from Quantum Break, and obviously this has started speculation on if an Alan Wake 2 game will be released in the future. I’m sure even if Remedy just call it a “bit of fun” they will hope that the fun will continue into an actual game.

It is interesting to look at these Easter eggs and see how the Alan Wake game relates to Quantum Break. It appears that in the game’s world, Alan Wake is a piece of fiction and there are hints that Alan Wake will “return”. No wonder people think that a sequel is in the works, as this is where the hints appear to be heading.

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