The Most Witcher Sales are PC Based, Reveals CD Projekt RED CEO

It may come as no surprise to fans of the game, but The most Witcher sales are PC based. With the first game being PC only and the second releasing on consoles much later than its initial PC release, is this a surprise?

The fact that The Witcher franchise sold best on the PC was revealed in a quote taken from an interview with CD Projekt RED’s CEO Marcin Iwinki with Youtuber Maciej Pius (via dsogaming):

“Consoles began for real with PS2 from Sony, and then with X360. PS wasn’t available for everyone. It was an expensive toy with expensive games. I was already distributing games at that time and I remember what was the expenditure for video games. PS was available for more affluent people and PS2 was available for the masses and started to develop this market. However, the PC still holds strong. Most of The Witcher sales are for the PC, though consoles started selling very well. “

While The Witcher 3 may be the game people focus on for making the most profit, it is also fair to assume that much of The Witcher fan base are on the PC. This makes the fact that The most Witcher sales are for PC make sense. That is not to say that Wild Hunt wasn’t a success on consoles, far from it in fact.

Iwinki also revealed that he is a PC gamer, though while is a fan of RPG games, hasn’t played Fallout 4 yet. He is though, a fan of Telltale games. I wonder if that fact could ever lead to a Witcher Telltale game in the future?

What are your thoughts on the fact that The most Witcher sales are PC based? Let us know in the comments section below.