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Is Far Cry Primal Map Far Cry 4’s recycled? It Looks Like It

Is the Far Cry Primal map Far Cry 4’s recycled? There are enough similarities that back up the argument that in fact this is the case.

Based on an article by Game Pressure and based on the maps you can see below, the similarities do appear to be there. Even if this is the case though, that does not take away the fact that Far Cry Primal’s gaming world is beautiful, and still fun to explore.

Far Cry 4


Far Cry Primal


What Game Pressure do is to look at the water reservoirs and rivers featured in the Far Cry 4 map, then compare them to the ones on the Far Cry Primal map. As you can see they are strangely familiar. Other similarities include road systems and even village placing.

What we do have to remember is that there is always asset recycling in games, even looking at Dark Souls 3 there are certain aspects that seem to come straight out of Bloodborne. That isn’t the case of course, but there are arguable similarities.

When you look at the maps though and not the actual game world, the Far Cry Primal map Far Cry 4’s recycled argument becomes compelling. Should the Ubisoft developers and art department have worked hard to build a whole new map? While we may argue yes, when it comes to the development process, recycling can save time.

So should the map issue matter? It depends on how you feel about it really. I enjoy Far Cry Primal, and personally I don’t care about the similarities.

What are your thoughts on Far Cry Primal map Far Cry 4’s recycled? Should it matter? Let us know in the comments section below.