Forza Series is Played by 10 Million Fans, Next Game May Come to PC

Forza Series is one of the most successful racing series we have around. So far, it has been played by 10 million unique fans since the release of the first game years ago.

Turn 10 must be happy with the stats and would be more than excited to continue working on the next chapter. There are rumors that Forza Horizon 3 is coming this year on Xbox One but it isn’t officially announced. However, we now do know that the next Forza is in the works.

Turn 10 shared some details about the future of Forza and gave us a look at the latest Lamborghini Centenario that will appear on the cover of this next Forza game.

Lamborghini’s legendary vehicles are among the most popular in Forza’s stable with more than five million players spending nearly 60 million hours racing in Lamborghinis. The Lamborghini Centenario will join an already robust roster of 14 unique Lamborghini vehicles featured in the award-winning Forza franchise on the Xbox One. Every Lamborghini is showcased in Forzavista™ detail, meaning that each features working doors and headlights as well as fully drivable cockpits.

Forza remains the best-selling racing franchise of the current video game console generation, and more than 10 million unique fans have played Forza games on Xbox One, making it the most played racing franchise on Xbox One.

It is already confirmed that Microsoft is in partnership with Lamborghini. What’s interesting here is that the next Forza may not be an Xbox exclusive.

Recently, Forza 6 was confirmed for PC and it is very much possible that the next one will now be released on the biggest platform as well.

Forza 6 Apex will release on PC this spring. However, the good news is that it is going to be free for Windows 10 users.

Would you like to see future Forza series installments on PC?