Upcoming Xbox One Preview Update Will Let Users Buy Xbox 360 Games, 16-Person Party Chat, and More

Microsoft has announced new Xbox One Preview Update which will roll out for Xbox One Preview Audience starting today and Xbox app beta members starting tomorrow.

With the said Xbox One Preview Update, users will be able to download Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One just as they download Xbox One games. The titles will automatically be downloaded and become read-to-play.

In addition to this, users will now be able to broadcast Party Chat when using the Twitch application. Users will not only be able to invite people to include their chat audio, but also mute a party member’s chat audio – the feature will only be accessible by the Party Leader.

Another useful feature which is being rolled out with the upcoming Xbox One Preview Update is adjustable game-DVR recording length. By heading to Game DVR & Streaming settings, users will be able to adjust the recording length from 15-seconds to 5-minutes.

Microsoft has also announced that with the said update; Preview Members will be able to track their Achievements in the Xbox One guide without the hassle of snapping the Achievements App. Finally, users will now be able to play an entire video inline without having to leave the feed and even ‘like’ the video while previewing it.

Some other changes which are being rolled out to both Xbox One Preview and Xbox App include 16-person part chat, Xbox 360 Achievements in Xbox One and Xbox App Activity Feed, Avatar comparison, and changes made to reputation rating interface. You can view a complete rundown of all the changes in the video attached above and share our impressions with us in the comments section below!

Source: Major Nelson.