UFC 2 Fighter Models Aren’t Pleasing the Pros

If it weren’t bad enough that face-scanning technology normally caused some form of horrific mutation to strike your digital avatars, apparently modelers not spending enough time making sure that your body is accurate can also be an issue, as many UFC 2 fighter Models were found not pleasing by the players recently.

With the game having over 250 fighters as part of its roster, including boxer Mike Tyson and martial artist Bruce Lee, it seems that the developers at EA were so busy sticking in as many fighters as possible, they didn’t have enough time to make sure that those fighters were actually accurate to their real-life selves.

For instance, compared to his lantern-jawed, clean-shaven, buzz-cut self, Russian UFC fighter Ruslan Magomedov’s in-game version is instead a skinny, fuzzy-faced guy with a pointed chin and a full head of hair.

“I used to think I was handsome,” Magomedov said in a Tweet about his looks.

And he’s not the only one. Tim Kennedy, “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings, and Felice Herrig have also had their likenesses mutilated by developers that have apparently never even seen a picture of any of them, only ever learned their names.

Herrig even said that her fighter looked more Asian than it did American. Kennedy apparently was not muscled as he is in real life, and Rawlings was accurate, except for the notable difference of looking more like a man.

Since the game hasn’t released yet (it has a release date of March 17) there’s probably plenty of time for the modelers to make adjustments in order to make the fighters actually look like their real-life counterparts.

Let’s just hope that the developers haven’t done anything else like they have, like making Mike Tyson a white guy or some other kind of nonsense like that. We’ll just have to see.