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PS4 Update 3.50 Beta Hits Tomorrow; Appear Offline, Play Together, Remote Play for PC

Alright good news folks! A substantial update to Sony’s latest generation console is finally coming in the form of PS4 update 3.50. Not only that, Sony has announced they will be rolling it out for beta very soon as well!

John Koller, the Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America took to the official PlayStation Blog with the reveal and confirmation that a beta will be launched tomorrow.

The update, codenamed MUSASHI, is being regarded as a major one and is going to bring you a number of new features; some of those have been detailed by Koller as well.

Firstly, after the PS4 update 3.50 launches you are going to be able to keep track of your friends, you will be notified every time they come online so that you can join them. However, this doesn’t mean your privacy will be invaded, every one will be allowed to appear offline too.

In order to improve community building, the update will add the ability to schedule future play sessions with your friends through which you will automatically get added to the party when the event starts. Similarly, a Play Together feature will allow party members to keep track of what other members are playing so that they can jump in if they want.

Moving on, the PS4 update 3.50 is bringing remote play to PC and Mac although you don’t get to test it in the beta phase. Last but not the least, Dailymotion is being added.

If you sign up for the beta that starts tomorrow, you should be able to test out these features well before the rest of the fans can!