Phil Spencer Explains the Difference Between Gamers and Fanboys

Phil Spencer needs no introduction, he is the man behind Xbox, and is more them often in the news. Today, he is yet again being discussed online due to a certain comment of his that ignited a few fires.

He was asked about the games he is most excited to see and along with Gears 4 and The Division, he mentioned Uncharted 4. Naturally, some didn’t like the mention of a rival brand’s exclusive game.

Phil Spencer then shared his blunt opinion:

What Spencer said is true and there is a fine line between a gamer and a toxic fanboy. It is a major issue for the gaming industry that seems to be getting worse. People freely abuse each other due to an argument over which plastic box is better to game on.

There is tough competition between Sony and Microsoft in the gaming space, it has always been that. However, appreciating your rival’s moves or content isn’t a sign of weakness but strength, confidence, and class.

I think we need a better and healthier environment but it may take a long time before people start to understand that gaming is about games, and no matter which platform you chose, you don’t have to convince others that you own the superior platform while their purchase is inferior.